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→ Cleaning and Maintenance:

The East Cut CBD’s mission is to create a clean and safe environment for our community. The East Cut CBD’s crew provides daily cleaning and beautification, including sidewalk sweeping and power washing, graffiti abatement, topping off City trash cans, weeding tree basins and sidewalk cracks, and spot cleaning health hazards. These critical services go beyond baseline City services to ensure that The East Cut is an inviting and accessible neighborhood in which to live, work, and visit.

→ Security:

The #1 priority of The East Cut CBD is to ensure a safe environment for the more than 100,000 residents, employees and visitors who move through The East Cut every day. We are the only district in the City to offer 24/7 neighborhood security. Our patrol teams cover the entire CBD to deter crime and communicate with SFPD for effective, coordinated action.

→ Community Guides:

Along with our clean and safe teams, the CBD fields community guides who offer assistance and directions to locals and visitors. Operating as the “eyes and ears” of The East Cut, our guides connect individuals with key services, respond compassionately to calls for homeless outreach, and ensure that the district operates smoothly, fulfilling its mission to provide a safe and desirable neighborhood for all.

→ Parks and Greenspace:

Charged with ensuring the vitality of our area’s extensive greenspaces, the CBD maintains parks, rain gardens, sidewalk landscaping, and parklets. In the next few years, The East Cut CBD also will add four new neighborhood parks to its operations, and partner with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority to operate the maintain the rooftop park above the new Salesforce Transit Center.